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MY Polymers specialises in the production of low refractive index polymers (refractive index = 1.30 to 1.50) and leads the industry. Our low refractive index products include:
OF Series UV Curable Resin Coatings for Primary Coatings for Specialty Fibers
Our best-selling OF-136 product is favored by major specialty fiber manufacturers. Our OF-133 product enables optical fiber production with numerical apertures beyond 0.6. And our OF-138, OF-139-N, OF-140-N products are widely used in products with high modulus and high core adhesion requirements.

MY-130 UV Curable Series Recoating and Encapsulating Materials

MY-133-V2000 (refractive index 1.33) and MY-136-V2000 are the most widely used recoat materials on the market. Material design focuses on compatibility with recoat components and ease of manual recoating. There are also several variants that have stronger adhesion, or higher/lower viscosity.
MY-140 UV Curable Low Refractive Index Optical Adhesives (Optical Adhesives)
MY-146 and similar products meet the strongest adhesion needs. Customers appreciate the superior performance of this group of products. When a lower refractive index is required, MY-140/141/142-C is generally used.
LOCA-133 and PS-133 Universal Low Index Optical Laminating Adhesives
These products are primarily used in the electronic display industry. Can be used to bond flat surfaces and films. Most commonly used for bonding backlight units and touchscreens. These all-purpose adhesives have strong adhesion to a variety of substrates, including plastics, glass, metals, oxides, and more.
MY-130-MC Moisture Cure Low Refractive Index Coatings
This series of moisture cure products is ideal for certain surface coatings. They cure spontaneously under the influence of air moisture and do not require UV curing.
You can download our catalog for more product details. To download a product data sheet, go to the product page and click on the relevant content in the product sheet.

MY Polymers has been active in low refractive index optical polymers since 1999.

The resins used in the production of MY Polymers are patented synthetic resins developed by the company through raw materials.

MY Polymers has ISO international certification. Click here to view our ISO certification.
Our company supplies products to the global photonics industry.

Our customers are located in many industrial countries and regions, including the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Canada, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Israel. Our customers include leading specialty fiber component manufacturers, fiber laser companies, photonic component manufacturers, touchscreen and LCD backlight manufacturers, leading defense and aerospace companies and agencies. About 200 companies and institutions worldwide use our products in applications ranging from, to name a few, SPR biosensors, microfluidics, microscope calibration objectives, automotive dashboard backlighting, optical security for documents, optical engines, and 3D displays.

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